French Fires, Drinks, Topped Fry Baskets: 1)716, 2)Oh' Canada, 3)Texas Cheese Fries, 4)Southern Comfort, 5)Rocky Balboa, 6)Truffle Love, 7)Sweet Tooth, NEW Dutch Style Fries, Choose a Sauce: 1)Ketchup, 2)Malt Vinegar, 3)'Boom Boom' Sauce, 4)Dijon Horseradish, 5)Honey Mustard, 6)Mayo Ketchup w/ Garlic, 7)Sweet & Sour Sauce, 8)Basil Pesto Mayo, 9)Chipotle Mayo, 10)Roasted Red Pepper, 11)Maple Syrup, 12)Powdered Sugar, 13)Honey, 14)Cinnamon. Fountain Drinks, Milkshakes and Bottled Drinks available.

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Introducing Waffle Fry Sliders & the Chicken Finger Sub, #getfried newest, mouthwatering sensations!