Our Menu offers three options to achieve simplicity and creativity: a Specialty Menu of ‘go-to’ topped fry baskets that promote popular national and local dishes; a Finger Food Favorites Menu comprised of classic fried appetizer-style dishes; and our Dutch Style Menu, which allows customers to choose a fry and one of 15+ dipping sauces.

In addition to these items, customers are able to customize their baskets across six styles of fries and over 20 sauces, seasonings and toppings.

Not enough? Try one of our homemade milkshakes!

French Fires, Drinks, Topped Fry Baskets: 1)716, 2)Oh' Canada, 3)Texas Cheese Fries, 4)Southern Comfort, 5)Rocky Balboa, 6)Truffle Love, 7)Sweet Tooth, NEW Dutch Style Fries, Choose a Sauce: 1)Ketchup, 2)Malt Vinegar, 3)'Boom Boom' Sauce, 4)Dijon Horseradish, 5)Honey Mustard, 6)Mayo Ketchup w/ Garlic, 7)Sweet & Sour Sauce, 8)Basil Pesto Mayo, 9)Chipotle Mayo, 10)Roasted Red Pepper, 11)Maple Syrup, 12)Powdered Sugar, 13)Honey, 14)Cinnamon. Fountain Drinks, Milkshakes and Bottled Drinks available.

New Items

Introducing Waffle Fry Sliders & Dutch Style, #getfried newest, mouthwatering sensations!

Dutch style french fries