About Us

What is #getfried?

#getfried is a first-of-its-kind, fast-casual restaurant specializing in offering gourmet topped fries and finger food favorites to the on-the-go consumer. #getfried caters to the breakfast, lunch, evening and late night consumers. Locations will be focused in metropolitan areas, college campuses, airports, premium outlet malls, areas of heavy daytime work populations – cobranding opportunities are also available.

#getfried’s menu includes six styles of fries, 25+ toppings and sauces and a number of finger food favorites. Loaded fry specials include Poutine, Buffalo Chicken and BBQ Pulled Pork, as well as Finger Food Favorites such as pizza logs, Buffalo Crunch Rolls and Chicken Fingers. #getfried recently launched their “Dutch Style” side of the menu, which offers any style of fry in a cone with the option of 15 sauce flavors drizzled on top.

The #getfried Story

Back in 2014, founder Chris Covelli went to his longtime friend Garrett Green, an entrepreneur by nature, with an idea. Chris told him how he had seen French Fry Cafés throughout Amsterdam on a recent trip and had heard about Poutine shops throughout Canada, but noticed there was nothing of the sort in the United States. Clearly, Americans love their fries as much as any culture; after all, the average American consumes between 29 and 50 lbs of French fries per year!

Both Chris and Garrett knew they had a phenomenal idea, but realized they had to establish a brand that would create a buzz among consumers. Enter Get Fried Fry Café. To this day, Chris says it was the first name that came to mind and there’s no question that it was a homerun. Realizing the name would cater to Millennials, they took it a step further and added a hashtag in front of the name.

With a great idea and an even better name, they began the process of opening the first store. In February of 2015, they opened the first #getfried Fry Café in Buffalo, NY. Since then, #getfried has grown tremendously through franchising. To date, there are two corporately owned stores in Buffalo, NY and franchises in NYC and Texas. By the end of 2017, there will be 12+ units open domestically, with several more planned.

#getfried Fry Café has become the leader in quick-serve comfort food. So, as we say to the skeptics, live a little™…and #getfried!

Update: 8/2019

Winston-Salem, NC  (RestaurantNews.com)  ZorAbility, an advisory and investment strategy firm for emerging franchise brands, announced today it has acquired GetFried, a 12unit, French fry-focused, quick service restaurant concept. Terms of the deal were finalized June 25, 2019.

ZorAbility was launched in 2016 by Sam Ballas, president and CEO of East Coast Wings + Grill. Ballas took “zor” from franchisor, and ability from, “the ability in structuring a formula for launching and scaling an emerging brand.” After spending years studying the changing restaurant landscape and establishing best practices for growing EBITDA at East Coast Wings + Grill, Ballas developed a unique skillset for and found success with investing and advising emerging brands.

About ZorAbility, Inc.

ZorAbility, based in Winston-Salem, was founded by Sam Ballas in 2016 as a vehicle to advise emerging franchise brands. Longtime franchise industry veterans Mark Lyso, Tom Scalese and Sammy Gianopoulos (all with ZorAbility) and Brad Fishman joined as investors in 2019 as the company began to acquire growing franchise concepts.